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Tuesday, 21. May 2013 - 01:49 Uhr

FLEXIBLE KEYBOARDS: A replacement for your dead Keyboard


Many of us are forced to use an On-Screen Keyboard or huge cost of replacing a Laptop Keyboard once few keys or the whole keyboard is dead. Its no onger a problem once your computer keyboard is not functioning properly and you are not prepared to buy a new Kepboard part.


Well designed, Flexible and Water Proof Flexible-USB Keyboard is now available at our store, 2zone Computers! 



As you can see the keyboard will no longer leace you with worries once water or tea spill on it and you can easily wash it and dry it without a worry of disfunction. A keyboad is connected with a USB Cable that can be easily pluged on your computer for mobile functionality.


  You can use the keyboard on a Laptop and Desktop conviniently as long as the Laptop/Desktop posses a USB Port. The Keybord come packed in a circular transparent plastic tin as seen below, It supports all operating systeam and sold witha lifetime Warranty, so rest assured!!



Now Sold at 2zone Computers Store for 20,000/= Tshs or 15USD


Dont waste time Call Us to get your perfect companion.



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Wednesday, 15. May 2013 - 12:03 Uhr

Whatsapp & Other Mobile App on Windows Desktop!!

To start with, let us tell you that it is easier than ever to  Install WhatsApp On PC. Are you one of the regular WhatsApp Messenger user? Well, for sure I am one of them, and it all started the day I purchased a smartphone for myself.Many people keep asking us ways to use Whatsapp on desktopcomputers, and here we are, with a tutorial on the same.

For those who are un-aware, WhatsApp is an instant messaging and data sharing application for various mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Symbian, and is one of the most popular apps across the web. Unfortunately, if you don’t own a smartphone powered by any of the above mentioned operating systems, it becomes difficult for you to actually use WhatsApp messenger. 


But its now as easier as never to have most of Android designed apps for your Desktop. This is how you can Install the App on your Computer (Windos/ Mac) following a simple tutorial.!

1. Click here to Download the BLUESTACK  


Before anything you should create a Mobile environment on your Computer, and BLUESTACK is  a mobile emulator for your computer. Since WhatsApp for iPhone is not a free app, we recommend you to use Android mobile emulators on your desktop because they are easy to use, plus WhatsApp is available for free of cost. One of the most loved emulators is  BLUESTACK 


2. Install Whatsapp. 

 After installing BlueStacks, you will receive an Android interface on your desktop screen and a list of apps you can download and install on that emulator. Next, click on the search button in the emulator, and search for WhatsApp Messenger app there. Once you find the app, simply click on Install button next to it. Other way is to navigate tohttp://www.whatsapp.com and download the free WhatsApp for Android .APK file. After downloading, you will get an option to run that .APK file, just the way you do it on your Android powered smartphone. Open it. 


3. To link your mobile number to your WhatsApp account, and to be able to useWhatsApp on desktop, you now need to enter your mobile number in the verification screen that comes up on the mobile emulator screen. Once you submit the request, you will receive confirmation message with verification code on your mobile number via SMS. If the screen shows “Waiting to detect SMS screen”, wait for the loading bar to complete and then you can simply enter the code you received at the emulator screen  and verify your phone number.



Within seconds your account will be created and you will be signed into WhatsApp on desktop computer. Please note that in case you already have WhatsApp configured on your mobile phone, you will NOT be able to use it on both the devices, i.e, desktop as well as mobile phone. Once you configure it on your computer, you won’t be able to use it on your mobile as messages will be redirected to the desktop version.



Enjoy the Beauty of Technology!!


For all your computer need, dont hesitate to Contact us.

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