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Monday, 21. May 2012 - 17:45 Uhr

How to recover your Hidden files and folder from your Flash disk (Pendrive)


How to recover your Lost/ hidden Files from your storage Drives


Its very common to encounter this problem. Solving it is as easy as to encounter it too. If your pendrive/ flash disk or any other storage device shows hidden files and folders or shortcuts then you have every reason to panic if you you have very serious information in your device.


So what really happens.


The virus is dependent upon the autorun system of the computer to duplicate and infect targeted areas, since portable pendrives are the easy way of hardware sharing between one computer to the other, it makes them very vulnerable to virus infections.


Once you insert an infected pendrive Your Antivus programs have the capability to block the autorun file as the device is inserted. This prevents the virus from running and infecting other files within your computer.

 A Virus is indeed smart, smart to the extent of setting a backup plan incase its blocked by the antivirus through autorun. The virus then replicates your files and hides your original files replacing them with a shortcut - not to your files but to the virus itself.

This action serves as it’s backup plan encase the autorun system fails.  The original files are not damaged, only the attributes had been changed.


Understanding that only the attribute is changed then the solution is to reverse the process. And here is how.

  • Insert your drive and note its name (say H:, I:, G: etc)
  • Open the Command Prompt (easy way to do this: from start, type cmd, then click enter)
  • Once the Black and white interface (cmd) start, type the name of the drive followed by :

Eg. H:       then enter.

  • Type   attrib –s –h –r /s /d  (remember, there is a space between (attrib)and (-s) and(-h) and(-r) etc)
  • Then ENTER


Further more we recommend usage of a good antivirus and we recommend KASPERSKY. Get it by clicking HERE


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