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Saturday, 28. April 2012 - 12:05 Uhr

Give back to the community, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Its so amaizing when we see very successful people in this entire world stretching a hand to reach the community that are on the distance far enough to call a different planet from where they live.

It has neither being a normal thing for wealthier people in this worldto do and accomplish what this otstanding man has done, Bill Gates, a Tycoon in ICT or rather a founder and majority single owner of Microsoft, has been a very intrumental person in this world and now more than ever in Tanzania,.

I just came across Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation when i was passing through the Biography of the worlds most respected investor, Warren Bufet, or so called, "The Oracle Of Omaha" when he donated majority of his wealth to this Foundation.

Now Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has reached the places that we can site an example, Bagamoyo in Tanzania, in the Video, Bill together with Melinda, visits the Hospitals and Labolatories in Tanzania and seems to know more than what our many Politicians dont, Listern to the statistics they say


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