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Saturday, 19. November 2011 - 00:17 Uhr


Toshiba's Satellite rangToshiba satellite c660 series sold at 2zone computers at clearance price 760,000Tshse, like Acer's Aspire series, covers the entire spectrum of laptops, from good-value portables to powerful media machines. The Satellite C660 Series are one of the cheapest Toshiba laptops you can currently buy and proves to offer great value with very few flaws.

Design is rather functional, but the plain black chassis is commendably solid. The lid is especially tough and can withstand some punishment, while the textured surfaces are resistant to dust and marks.

While this laptop isn't as slender as the Acer, it's a shade lighter at just 2.4kg. We got just over four hours of battery life from a single charge, making this one of the most portable machines in the group. If you need a laptop to carry around often, the Toshiba will do the job.

With an Intel Celeron processor and 2GB of memory on board, performance is near identical to the HP and better than the eMachines. You can browse the web and run all of your office applications.

The laptop comes with a 2GB RAM, 320GB Hard disk, Wi-Fi Tech, Webcam, DVD RW, Windows 7 Home and other basic software.

With our special discounted price to students of up to 760,000Tshs.

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