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About 2zone & Company

Desdery,T (C.E.O)


Run by outstanding young entrepreneurs 2zone and company is a living example of young entrepreneurs initiative still at School Evironment but paving the way through competitive business environment in Tanzania  , it’s comprised of several young smart, committed and personal driven youths with a mission and vision of transforming business through reaching potential customers via advertisement and CIT's application especially University students through extensive market research, e-commerce experience and international contacts, we aim at providing reliable and quality electronics gadgets and services to University community putting into consideration Limited resources constraining this community.


WHAT WE ENVISION:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2zone & Company has several divisions including computer and technology, Utilities, Chain stores, Energy, Digital Media and Advertisement, Event Management, Real estate and Brokerage and Knowledge based trainings on entrepreneurship, ICT. Our mother division, zone COmputers, Just like the vision of Microsoft® founder “Personal computer on every family table”  at 2zone Computers, Our vision is “A personal computer to every university student”

HOW TO REACH THERE:                                                                                                                                                                                          

At 2zone Computers we genuinely believe, by reducing the number  of hands a product change before reaching the customer will ensure cost reductions and  a more convinient reach of the products, We want to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers strategically, also special consideration to needy individual upon agreements depending on an individual case. We are also looking forward to partner with whoever sees the need to help the community toaccess ICT services at a limited budget and support such local entrepreneurship initiative.




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Email: tdesdery@gmail.com


Mobile: +255 (0) 719 792 703


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